The Sea Legend means Gdynia
Legenda morska znaczy Gdynia
Lokalizacja: Śródmieście Gdyni, Port Morski
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The Sea Legend means Gdynia
Location: Gdynia downtown, Sea Port
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Basically, the whole sea story of Gdynia can revolve around the unique, picturesque axis linking the railway station, through 10 Lutego street, Skwer Kościuszki, Aleja Jana Pawła II with the sea front, which spreads behind the back of the statue of Joseph Conrad, the statue which opens and closes, from the sea side, this stunning perspective.

While following the route one can find objects and places which contribute to the mosaic story of Polish sailing, building the port in Gdynia, roots of fishery, Navy, sea research, sea education and sailing. The impressive modernistic tenement house, whose shape was clearly inspired by ship architecture, for years was the headquarters of the great shipowner Polish Oceanic Lines and it is itself the story of expansion of Polish water transport over the seas and lakes all over the world. Strolling down the parallel street, Starowiejska, we will go back in time to the very beginning of the legend of Gdynia. The house of the Skwiercz family, closely related to Antoni Abraham, a Kashubian activist and a Polish patriot. The statue of this ?king of Kashubia? stands on one side of Plac Kaszubski. On the opposite one there are bronze statues of a fishermen and his wife, both sitting on the bench and looking at the tenement house of the Schiebe family, from where Elżbieta was looking out for her husband. The fishermen colony, located at Waszyngtona street keeps on telling this, practically finished today, story.
Facing Skwer Kościuszki we see the whole panorama of episodic sea story of Gdynia. The tenement of Polish Shipping ? the main shipowner in II Rzeczpospolita times, houses nowadays The Navy Headquarters. This and the ship ? Błyskawica, as well as a new residence of Navy Museum and the skansen of sea weapons and armour, all they tell the complete story of Polish sea power.

Deep sea research ? from the building of Meteorology and Sea Water Management Departments of the Maritime Institute through Gdynia Aquarium, located in the historic building of The Maritime Fishing Industry to Navigation Department of Gdynia Maritime University with its modern planetarium. In each of these institutions weather and nautical conditions in our zone are monitored, sea forecasts are made, the condition of the sea is studied and its live resources, projects concerning the sea safety and contemporary navigational methods are being realized here as well.

The historical sailing ship "Dar Pomorza" is the most characteristic element of the landscape of the Southern Pier ? this is an exhibition window of the Polish coastline. It is the legend statue. Since 1930, when the Polish red and white flag was displayed for the first time until today it has been a genuine symbol of the sea legend of Gdynia.
All the resources are available in the City Information Centre at 24 10 Lutego street.

Points of the route of Gdynia Sea Legend:
1. 10 Lutego street
2. The Building of Polish Oceanic Lines
3. Starowiejska street
4. Abraham?s House
5. The statue of Antoni Abraham
6. A Kashubian couple on a bench
7. Priesthood of Sea People "Stella Maris"
8. Fishing colony
9. The Building Office PortuBiur
10. The Cross of Tadeusz Wenda
11. The Building of State Meteorological Institute
12. The Building of Polish Sea Transport
13. ORP "Błyskawica"
14. "Dar Pomorza" museum ship
15. Alley of Passenger Ships l
16. The statue of Joseph Conrad
17. Gdynia Aquarium
18. "The House of Polish Sailor", now housing Navigation Department of The Maritme University
19. Antoni Ledóchowski Planetarium
20. Mariusz Zaruski Sailing Pool
21. Navy Museum
22. Museum of Gdynia the City
23. The Statue of Polish Sailor
24. The Bust of Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski

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